Innovative Hydraulics provides support for its products worldwide, onsite and on demand, with project dedicated engineers, tailored to the needs of our customers. Along with complete hydraulic systems support, cylinder repair or re-manufacturing is performed at our corporate location as well as across a qualified network of facilities in key regional locations to our customers.

The Land Rig Cylinder Network (LRC Network) is the first and only land based rig hydraulic cylinder support network in existence. The LRC Network allows Innovative Hydraulics to be exactly where our customers need us to be at the exact time they need us to be there. The result is greatly reduced logistics costs and downtime reduction while still maintaining OEM oversight and standardized processes for our Oil And Gas customers.

By standardizing the process for Hydraulic cylinder analysis, re-manufacturing, and reporting in key regional locations, we provide unparalleled support and value to our Oil And Gas customers. Spiraling Logistics costs and unnecessary downtime on capital asset hydraulic cylinders are virtually eliminated. The LRC network consists of six locations that serve the needs of our customers in areas with high activity, land based drilling operations.

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